StandingByPole 320I am Denise Wilkie and I am running for the Town of Apex Mayor.  As a mom, teacher and resident since 1991, I am proud to call Apex home.  With our great parks, schools, and awesome downtown, recently referred to as “the crown jewel,” Apex is a wonderful place to raise a family.  Over the past 23 years, I have seen Apex grow from a small town to now having a population of around 40,000.  My concern is the growth has mainly been residential which has created a large imbalance of our tax base.  I would like to see more economic development here to ease the tax burden on our residents.  I want Apex to be a place where families can live, play and work!  I am Denise Wilkie and I would appreciate your vote on November 3.


A Mom  *  A Teacher  *  A Neighbor  *  A Voice

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